Volunteerism for Development (V4D) is all about encouraging and optimising volunteerism’s contribution to global development.  
One of the pillars of V4D is the idea that the process of development ultimately belongs to the people concerned and must come from themselves for it to be effective as well as sustainable. Your role as a UNV volunteer is therefore one of a facilitator and catalyst.  
Almost every culture has some tradition of volunteerism, even if it might be called something completely different.  Local volunteerism experience (for example, in harvesting) coupled with your technical skills and experience should result in the win-win situation that we all strive for in development.  
A ripple has to start with you, the UNV intern/volunteer, and should not be limited to your immediate colleagues but should extend to leaders of local communities, civil society organizations, municipal authorities, civil servants, members of parliament and government. Throughout your internship we hope that you will act as an advocate for V4D towards your hosts and other stakeholders.  By working together on a voluntary basis, we can push the development agenda forwards.   
While in every type of UNV assignment there is potential to promote V4D, different assignments and locations will necessitate different approaches. 
This blog has been set up as requested in the evaluation of your pre-departure briefing here at UNV HQ. During that briefing you reflected on what actions/activities could be undertaken as part of and alongside your assignment in order to promote V4D. This blog will allow you to exchange ideas on how to best advocate for V4D, integrate it into your internships/projects and daily lives, and mobilise your peers, colleagues and host community to volunteer for development.  There will also be an opportunity to share pictures from your projects and activities. 
Good luck.




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  1. Luisa says:

    I have won I am the first!

    Is it politically correct to say that I do not think I am going to buy next year the little teddy bear with a light blue T-shirt of UNICEF that you can find in any big shopping mall during Christmas time…?

    Except from solidarity and free will- which are maybe more features of a volunteer, I guess the UN big family should test with more accuracy the engagement and the committment of some of the local staff…

    The shine is shining in the Arab world

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