Dear All,

I’ve already spent 3 months in Mozambique, and, even if in a way I feel like I’ve been here for a longer time because a lot of things happened, I also feel the time is running away. So I thought it’s the moment to share with you a bit of this experience…
I am working in a sub-office with World Food Program, which means that I am not living in a capital like most of you but I’m staying in a province,  which is Tete, (is a different one from the duty station it was supposed me to go…but this is a long story and it is not interesting now), where we work on the implementation on the field of all WFP activities identified for this area: from the joint planning with provincial and district government to the monitoring of food distribution to beneficiaries.
I feel really lucky, because this experience is giving me the opportunity to see how International Organizations (not just WFP) work is impacting citizens’ lives, actually the life of the poorest, and especially because I feel part of the transformation of a “paper” strategy into development action…which is not easy and automatic at all, but is a wonderful day-by-day challenge. I have to deal with capacity building training for the local stakeholders to improve management skills, logistic preparation to provide beneficiaries of the tools to implement their projects, complex time planning which need to be review week to week to face all the unexpected events and a lot a patience…which always help!  
Also,  the possibility to work and to learn from my Mozambican colleagues is really important: they are guiding me through the culture and the habits of this fascinating region, teaching how is “the way” to work respecting local habits in the different context, from the government to the community leaders who are as well important stakeholder to consider during the decision making.
And in the end I am also enjoying to be a part of a UNV team, composed by 7 other National UNvolunteers who are WFP hands and eyes in the districts, supporting daily base institution, implementation partners and communities, and doing the day by day follow up of activities and food distribution.
There are a lot of things I would like to write…but I don’t want to “fall” on the technical aspects of what I’m doing, but just put a bit on “the paper” and share with you the things that are making me feel richer day by day, living this experience, also through meeting challenges and difficult moments.
So, this is what I am living and what I wanted to share with you, I am curious to hear from you, impressions and feelings of ours first steps.
Hugs to all wherever in the World you are,


UNV at WFP Mozambique  (Tete Sub-Office)


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