By Linda Germanis

UNV Volunteer in Thailand

While working at UNESCO, I’m also developing a UNV project titled At first sight in cooperation with UNESCO Bangkok, the International Movement ATD Fourth World, the Friends of ATD Foundation and Thai Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

The project is a Community Photography initiative which aims to undertake informal education in a poor Bangkok community through ICTs. At first sight is promoting volunteerism cooperation between different actors already active and committed with the development of the Bangkok’s society. Furthermore through thematic photography sessions the volunteers have the opportunity to raise awareness by the community members about development issues as environmental protection, health education, etc.

A booklet containing pictures and commentaries taken by the young residents of Saphan Phut is soon to be released and, thanks to a prize won in a United Nations Volunteer (UNV) competition, 2500 USD will be dedicated to develop environmental protection activities in the Saphan Phut community, partner of the project.

To read the latest article about the work of UNV Volunteer Linda Germanis and the At First Sight project go to


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