The UNV Blog launched a second Photgraphy Competition to celebrate World AIDS Day, International Human Rights Day and International Volunteer Day. UNV Volunteers from all over the world submitted photos from Nepal to India to Thailand to Mozambique.

Winner of the Human Rights category:

Filip Rames, UNV Volunteer with UNHCR in Yemen.

“Many Somalis end up in a refugee camp, known as Kharaz camp, a former military base. About 12,000 refugees live there waiting for the situation in Somalia to improve so they can return home. Kharaz is an open camp, which allows people to move in and out freely. Schools, health centres, vocational training opportunities, community centres and more are available here and everybody is allowed to approach these facilities without discrimination.”

Winner of the Volunteering category:

Filip Rames, UNV Volunteer with UNHCR in Yemen.

“It’s impossible to avoid smugglers entering the camp and carrying on their business. Human traffickers are interested in making money by smuggling women and children to neighbouring countries. Many of them want to go to Saudi Arabia, where they hope to get a job and support their families at home. Women and children are particularly at risk of exploitation in sexual services and household work.”

 Winner of the HIV and AIDS category:

Guilio Coppi, UNV Volunteer with OHCHR in Kyrgyzstan.

“I captured Federica Dispenza, UNV Intern – Specialist in the Resident Coordinator Office, delivering a lecture on HIV-AIDS to students enrolled in first year at International University in Bishkek. Their plain ignorance on the basics of the issue is reflected in the strong opposition between light and shadow, between dark and colour.”


6 responses »

  1. Giulio Wolf says:

    Cool, this means that me and Federica we share a joint third place!!! 🙂

    PS: Congratulations to Filip, great pics as usual!

  2. Federica says:

    No no Giulio the merit is all yours 🙂 Congratulation to you and Filip for your deserved first place(s)

  3. Mahir says:

    Grande Giulio! Congratulations!. M

  4. manuela says:

    Very nice pictures guys! congratulations, I was late again:(

  5. Roberta Persia says:


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