Riona Judge McCormack UNV Volunteer OHCHR Cambodia

Peace is at the heart of my understanding of human rights, and the work I am a part of here. In the next 12 months, I hope to see the UN working with the government to introduce human rights into the school curriculum here. We would like to focus on the spirit of fundamental human rights, and help give young Cambodians the space to discuss and practice them together: tolerance, dignity, interdependency, respect, responsibility, fairness, understanding, peace. I believe in what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims, that “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”. In these words lie the potential of our world.

Flaminia Maietti UNV Volunteer UNIFEM Thailand

UNIFEM Gender Sensitivity Training of Trainers (August, 21-23 2009).

International Day of Peace means tolerance and recognition of human rights for all! I am currently working within UNIFEM, East and South-East Asia Regional Office in Bangkok. As UNV Volunteer I would like to keep increasing people’s awareness about gender issues, especially on violence against women. Let’s spread the word!!!

Tara Finglas UNV Volunteer UNICEF Malawi

World Breastfeeding Week in Nsanje, Malawi.

Every child deserves a childhood, and the best way for this to happen is to receive nutritious food. On this year’s International Day of Peace, I hope that some day soon we will live in a world where children do not go hungry. I hope that children around the world from the United States to China to Albania and to Malawi get enough food so that they can have a childhood; play with their friends and go to school instead of worrying where their next meal will come from.


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