Name: Rosaleen Martin

Nationality: Irish

Country of Assignment: Cambodia

Area of work: Economist

Where in the world have you travelled?

US, Europe, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Morocco, China, Russia, Canada.

Where did you grow up?


What did you study in university?

Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

What are the best and worst jobs you have had?

Worst job: waitressing. Best job: working at UN, New York.

Why did you apply for the UNV programme?

To live in a developing country, work in the UN system.

Describe a day in your life as a UNV.

It varies. Meetings, editing, writing concept notes, researching, writing minutes. Outside work includes swimming, tennis, eating out, going to the market, riding my bike, socialising, reading, watching DVDs.

What is the best part of your UNV assignment?

Working with government partners is pretty interesting.

What is the least favourite part of your UNV assignment?

UN bureaucracy.

Has your UNV assignment reached/not reached your expectations?

So far, it has reached my expectations. Although I thought it would be more econometric/data analysis and it’s not which I am very happy about.

Would you recommend the UNV programme to other people and why?

Yes. It’s a brilliant opportunity to work in the UN, there’s lots of support and you meet lots of interesting people and get to work on cool projects.


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