Name: Manuela Bucciarelli

Nationality: Italian

Country of Assignment: Cambodia

Area of work: Business and Small Enterprise Development


Where in the world have you travelled?

Mexico, Yemen, Sri Lanka,  Europe, Brazil.


Where did you grow up?



What did you study in university?



What are the best and worst jobs you have had?

Best: the current. Worst: Waitress.


Why did you apply for the UNV programme?

I wanted to have a working experience in development and within UN. I believe that working as UN volunteer  adds value to my personal and professional development.


Describe a day in your life as a UNV.

When I’m in the office in my duty station, I work very closely with my team, as we are 8 people all in one room. I go through documents, we attend many meetings ( as we are still in start up phase) and I assist my supervisor and colleagues in daily activities. When we go to the field ( we have been in 3 provinces so far) we meet several organizations, provincial authorities, Indigenous people) and I contribute with questions, taking notes and discussions.


What is the best part of your UNV assignment?

The missions to the field and the fact that I’m working in an inter agency project.


What is the least favourite part of your UNV assignment?

UN administrative procedures.


Has your UNV assignment reached/not reached your expectations?

It’s too early to say, but so far I’m very satisfied.


Would you recommend the UNV programme to other people and why?

I would recommend the UNV programme because it gives you a very concrete experience and understanding of development issues. It  allows for learning and, through direct contact with people and beneficiaries, permits a real human growth for both the parties involved. It’s a true life experience and it can completely shape our own perception of development.


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