Name: Flaminia Maietti

Nationality: Italian

Country of Assignment: Thailand

Area of work: Gender (UNIFEM)

Where in the world have you travelled?

France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Check Republic, Austria, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, U.S.A..

Where did you grow up?


What did you study in university?

BA in International Communications, Masters in International Relations, MA in International Protection of Human Rights.

What are the best and worst jobs you have had?

The worst was as a ticket seller for a special event organized by the football team of my town.While the best was as a Research Assistant (intern) for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Sub-regional HQ for the Caribbean countries in Port of Spain. I did research on Women’s unpaid work and social protection in the English-speaking Caribbean countries.

Why did you apply for the UNV programme?

I decided to be a UNV Volunteer because after several years of university I really needed to do some experience in the field. I think it is the best way to put into practice what I have learnt. Also I was excited about the opportunity to do a long-term working experience and to travel abroad once again.

Describe a day in your life as a UNV Volunteer.

Wake up at 7.15am. Try to take the first boat to reach the closest pier to the UN building and try to avoid Bangkok’s traffic jam, which is awful. Go to the office, check my email account and see what has come up for the day! Sometimes I have a meeting with my supervisor or with other colleagues, sometimes a workshop or a conference, sometimes I have to deal with administrative tasks, sometimes I have to read reports and do some research…it depends from day to day. I also take my time for a coffee during the day and in this way I have the opportunity to talk with the UN people at our wonderful cafeteria. After work I usually go back home and take a swim or I go out with friends in this amazing city.

What is the best part of your UNV assignment?

I am becoming more aware of the practical dimensions of development and I am increasing my knowledge of gender issues in the East and South-east Asia region. I also have the opportunity to meet interesting people everyday.

What is the least favourite part of your UNV assignment?

Sometimes it is hard to be completely involved in the office’s activities and programmes.

Has your UNV assignment reached/not reached your expectations?

Maybe not yet.

Would you recommend the UNV programme to other people and why?

Yes, I would. Because It is a rewarding experience and an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.


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